98. New Year, New You ≠ Changing Your Body

von THE GiRLS ROOM | Vom 2022-01-04

Welcome back to my ~glamorous~ life!!!!! This week we are talking about REALISTIC New Years goals, specifically health and fitness goals. Losing weight and exercising more are two of the most common goals heading into the new year so I am here to tell you today that “new year, new you” does not mean you need to change your body and the way it looks!!!!!!! In the past I used to set incredibly harsh and demanding goals surrounding physical fitness that left me feeling drained and like a failure. I went into 2021 with a changed mindset surrounding goals and fitness and I came out feeling happy and successful! I share in this episode what I changed about my mindset, how I view health and fitness and tips for setting realistic goals. Thank you for being patient with me always. All my love x

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