97. Sober for the Holidays (& year round)

von THE GiRLS ROOM | Vom 2021-12-21

WELCOME BACK TO MY ~GLAMOROUS~ ~SOBER~ LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! For this week's episode of Let's Try To Make It A Good Time, I am discussing being sober for the holidays (and every other day of the year)!!!  If you are not aware, I am 24 years old and for the past two years I made the personal decision to be completely sober. I take you through my views on alcohol and how they have changed over the years, media portrayal of drinking/parties ~*LeGeNdS~* *~C00L~* ~*[email protected]~*, my experiences with drinking and what led me to this point of being sober. Finally, I discuss why I find it hardest to be sober around the holidays with all of the celebrations and alcohol around. *This is not an episode to convert you to be sober. This is MY personal choice. I always drank for the wrong reasons, did not enjoy it, and spent the entire next day shitting fire out of my ass. No judgement if you enjoy drinking/smoking (and are of legal age/are not harming yourself, body, or others)* *ALSO if people are pressuring you into alcohol/drugs THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS THEY ARE FUCK ASSES TELL THEM TO FUCK OFF AND DITCH THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You do not need alcohol to fit in, make friends, to be fun or have fun!!!!**** BE SAFE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON DRINK RESPONSIBLY AND OF AGE I LOVE U!!!!!! LINKS: 23 & Sober on Apple Podcasts: 23 & Sober on Spotify:

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Being a woman can be messy, difficult and often times gross. It can be challenging to navigate your way through womanhood alone. THE GiRLS ROOM is a safe space where we will discuss all of the topics people are often nervous, embarrassed or ashamed to talk about. *Rated R: Explicit content will be discussed*