91. No Shame: In Being A Figure Model with Jamie Owens

von THE GiRLS ROOM | Vom 2021-11-08

Welcome back to my ~glamorous~ life!!!!!!! Happy No Shame November! A month of judgement free conversations surrounding typically taboo topics. For this episode we are joined by my friend Jamie Owens. Jamie is a SUPER TALENTED artist, designer and figure model among many other things. She explains what figure modeling is and shares her modeling journey with us from 4 years ago to now. Together we talk about self love, the male gaze, negativity surrounding nudity, body appreciation and how Jaime continues to show up even on the hard days and much more! Such a special conversation with such an amazing human. Thank you Jamie for being you and all you do <3 SUPPORT / FOLLOW JAMIE: IG: Website: Redbubble Shop: Patreon: OnlyFans:

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Being a woman can be messy, difficult and often times gross. It can be challenging to navigate your way through womanhood alone. THE GiRLS ROOM is a safe space where we will discuss all of the topics people are often nervous, embarrassed or ashamed to talk about. *Rated R: Explicit content will be discussed*