106. Period Equity with Jessica Williams from Days for Girls

von THE GiRLS ROOM | Vom 2022-05-17

welcome back to my ~bloody glamorous~ life!!! Happy menstruation may!!!!!! A time to bring awareness, acceptance and appreciation to our periods. In this episode I am honored to share the mic with Jessica Williams. Jessica is the Chief Development & Communications Officer for Days for Girls International and she is also the host of The Days for Girls Podcast. Jessica educates us on this amazing organization, their mission and the global issue of period poverty. Together we talk about the work that still needs to be done to break period stigmas and taboos, period empowerment and so much more. Thank you so much Jessica and everyone involved in Days for Girls. LINKS: DFG Website: DFG Instagram: DFG Youtube: DFG Podcast hosted by Jessica Williams:

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Being a woman can be messy, difficult and often times gross. It can be challenging to navigate your way through womanhood alone. THE GiRLS ROOM is a safe space where we will discuss all of the topics people are often nervous, embarrassed or ashamed to talk about. *Rated R: Explicit content will be discussed*