Q&A Episode 1 - Dominant Groups Standing Up for Equity + People Who Are Not Ready

This week Hanna answers two listener questions. Question one, "We speak a lot about the importance of dominant groups standing up for equity. Not leaving the work solely to groups that are persistently placed at the margins of society. Being in a dominant group though brings access, comfort and the very tangible benefits. So why question all of that? In your experience, what's the most effective way to start breaking this inertia?" Question two, "How do you engage with people who aren't ready?" To learn more or get in touch with Fearless Futures visit https://www.fearlessfutures.org/Transcript - https://cleofearlessfutures.medium.com/fearless-futures-podcast-q-a-episode-1-dominant-groups-standing-up-for-equity-people-who-are-1d4c863ca417 Featured in the episode:Podcast production by https://www.mayziemedia.com/

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We know inclusion and equity work is really hard. This podcast will take you through a deep analysis of core topics for individuals committed to designing equity into their ecosystems for their people and products. Hosted by FearlessFutures.org Founder, Hanna Naima McCloskey — a passionate and skilled facilitator and educator — Fearless Futures has served daring companies across sectors from the largest tech platforms in the world to small creative agencies. We believe in creating policies, practices, and cultures where people have their freedom, legitimacy, dignity, safety, and belonging. https://www.fearlessfutures.org/