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On this episode, host and Fearless Futures CEO, Hanna Naima McCloskey talks about why people invest so heavily in the business case, the implications of doing so, and the dangers of relying on research. To learn more or get in touch with Fearless Futures visit - in the episode: Hanna Naima McCloskey's Sifted article "Stop making the business case for diversity" - Business Review article - Slaveowners 1833 reparations - production by

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We know inclusion and equity work is really hard. This podcast will take you through a deep analysis of core topics for individuals committed to designing equity into their ecosystems for their people and products. Hosted by Founder, Hanna Naima McCloskey — a passionate and skilled facilitator and educator — Fearless Futures has served daring companies across sectors from the largest tech platforms in the world to small creative agencies. We believe in creating policies, practices, and cultures where people have their freedom, legitimacy, dignity, safety, and belonging.