Pro Series: Zach Line, 7 year NFL Vet and Head Football Coach at Oxford High School | Ep 20

Let's GOOOOOO! Listen to this great episode with former NFL fullback and current high school football coach Zach Line. He's an incredible mentor to his students and has great insights on what it takes to succeed both in sport and in life. *Zach is the head football coach at Oxford High School in Michigan, a few weeks ago, they experienced an unthinkable tragedy resulting in the death of 4 students, including football player Tate Myre. It's not mentioned in the episode as this was recorded prior to the shooting, but we extend our most sincere thoughts and prayers to all of those affected by this tragedy. To find your nearest ETS location, visit our website and schedule your free athlete evaluation! The ETS Podcast is hosted by Adam Thielen & Ryan Englebert and is fueled by Caribou Coffee & Over Easy Breakfast Bars

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