380: The Aroma Freedom Revolution - How to Use the Power of Scent to Rewire your Brain and Live the Life of Your Dreams with Dr. Ben Perkus, PhD.

Dr. Perkus is a Licensed Psychologist with over 25 years of clinical experience and has been guiding others in using essential oils for wellness support for over 20 years. He has extensive training in various therapeutic modalities including EMDR, NET, Polyvagal Theory, Somatic Psychology, Meditative Awareness, and Trauma Therapy.  Dr. Perkus has succeeded in integrating the best of psychology, neuroscience, and aromatherapy by creating a unique process called the Aroma Freedom technique. It has been described as the fastest, gentlest, and easiest method to dissolve negative thoughts, feelings, and memories with essential oils. Dr. Perkus found the Aroma Freedom technique to be so successful that he left his private practice to teach and certify people in this method all around the world. There are currently over 800 certified practitioners in 39 states and 19 countries, and this movement is growing across the globe due to its universal effectiveness in so many areas of life. Dr. Perkus currently runs an online training academy for lay people and practitioners to learn how to use the Aroma Freedom technique with clients and with themselves. He is the author of two books, The Aroma Freedom Technique and The Aroma Reset Booklet . He currently lives in Florida and New York with his family. What You Will Learn: 1. How Dr. Perkus discovered that essential oils could release trauma and painful memories. This paved the way for the creation of the Aroma Freedom technique (AFT). 2. How the Aroma Freedom technique works: It incorporates feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations, and imagination while simultaneously smelling specific essential oils. This merger of psychology, neurology, and aromatherapy helps to release and rewire the memory/emotion complex through neuroplasticity and memory reconsolidation. 3. How the combination of different essential oils in the Aroma Freedom technique impacts various neurotransmitters all at once. This creates a powerful synergy influencing neurochemistry, psychology, and physiology. 4. How Aroma Freedom differs from traditional psychotherapy. It is a dual process of releasing old memories (deconsolidation) and creating new neural pathways (memory reconsolidation). It focuses on clearing blocks so one can live their life’s goals vs. re-living and re-telling of one’s trauma.  5. When to use the Aroma Freedom technique for self-care vs. when to seek a trained practitioner or additional help. 6. The connection between pain in the body and emotions.  7. How this technique is revolutionary in that it accomplishes emotional healing as it supports various aspects of life such as goal setting, stress reduction, relief from painful memories, and overall mood balance. 9. How to use the Aroma Reset technique, one of the six techniques that Dr. Perkus has invented. (Our DIY!) The Aroma Reset Technique: Picture a situation that is keeping you blocked. Name the feeling. Locate the feeling in body. Identify the negative thought that goes with feeling. Grab a relaxing oil and place a drop on palm, breathe the oil into situation, and notice what happens. Assess where you are now, it will be one of three scenarios: (a) You are good to go. (b) Something cleared but there is a residual feeling. In this case, do another round. (c) You opened up a bigger issue. This means you should do either a full session of AFT or seek out an AFT certified practitioner for support. 10. Closing Questions: What Dr. Perkus does for self-care and what he feels we should ditch and replace it with for better health. Links to learn more about Dr. Perkus, Aroma Freedom, and his various offerings: www.aromafreedom.com  The Aroma Freedom Book The Aroma Freedom 2023 E-Book https://www.facebook.com/groups/1864614900439621  www.facebook.com/aromafreedom Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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