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S3 Ep 11: Obedience Is The Best Business Strategy with Aaja Corinne Magee (S2 Ep 10 Replay)

von The Entourage Podcast | Vom 2021-12-14

Personal Brand Strategist, Aaja Corinne Magee isn't shy about mixing her faith and her business to help clients live their best lives. As a matter of fact, it's the #1 secret to her impressive client roster. In her eyes, obedience is the best business strategy that anyone could have. #theentouragepodcast #internationalwomensday During this episode, we share: How working in your purpose eliminates competition Why obedience is the #1 business strategy in every season How consistency can help you learn who you are called to serve The necessity of representing your true self and “being your brand” Social media:  Aaja Corinne Magee on Instagram: Aaja Corinne Magee on Facebook: Aaja Corinne Magee on Twitter: Aaja Corinne Magee's Personal Branding Website: Aaja Corinne Magee’s Podcast: Resources you should know about:  Just in time for Women’s History Month, Aaja Corinne Magee and faith-based apparel company Pint Size Faith collaborated to launch a new “Woman Collection” limited edition apparel line Shop now:  #aajacorinnexpintsizefaith #WomanCollection Intro/Outro Music:  “Waiting IV” by Celeste Betton Link to album: Instagram: @celestebetton Facebook: Celeste Betton Who this episode is for: entrepreneurs, faith based entrepreneurs

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