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Moon Knight Episode 4 Review, Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer Breakdown, Spider-Man's Gary Weeks Interview

von The Direct Podcast | Vom 2022-04-20

Marvel brought their A-Game this week, and so does The Direct Podcast.This week's show is headlined by all things Moon Knight, but the God of Thunder also gets major shine. We kick things off with all of your top news captained by the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer as well as the future of the DCEU following the Warner Bros. Discovery merger. We also touch on the latest developments from the ongoing Ezra Miller situation.As mentioned, Moon Knight is this week's shining star. The Disney+ series is officially in the back half, and Oscar Isaac has delivered an insanely unexpected left turn. We deep dive into all things Marc Spector, Steven Grant, and beyond on this week's review.Spider-Man: No Way Home featured a returning player from Spider-Man: Homecoming that nearly escaped everyone's mind. Agent Foster himself, Gary Weeks, joins the show to chat about his experience working with Marvel Studios, Spidey secrets, and which Outer Banks co-star he wants in the MCU.Finally, we bring back Capes and Tights to help analyze all the new threads from the Thor 4 trailer. Thank you all for rocking with us each and every week. Be a friend, tell a friend about The Direct Podcast!Visit The Direct: Liam on Twitter: Matt on Twitter: - Ezra Miller Updates4:50 - Quick Questions16:13 - Sizzle Reel18:23 - Thor 4 Trailer Breakdown40:16 - Aldrich Killian Back??44:22 - The DCEU's Creative Overhaul58:59 - Moon Knight Ep4 Review1:34:42 - Spider-Man's Gary Weeks Interview1:52:38 - Capes and Tights: Thor 42:07:20 - Weekly Recs

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