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MCU Rankings, Ms. Marvel's Powers, Multiverse of Madness Box Office Report

von The Direct Podcast | Vom 2022-05-11

This week's The Direct Podcast takes on all things Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.The receipts are in! Doctor Strange 2 premiered to an unbelievable domestic opening weekend haul. We bring on Box Office Correspondent David Thompson to help us break down all the numbers. For more of David's movie business thoughts, check out his podcast: Cinema Spending!From there, we hash out our updated MCU Rankings. Where did Doctor Strange 2 land for Matt and Liam? Did Moon Knight eclipse any of the previous Disney+ shows? How did our rankings compare to The Direct's team consensus?All that plus the top news from the universes you love.Thank you all for rocking with us. Be a friend and tell a friend about The Direct Podcast!Visit The Direct: Liam on Twitter: Matt on Twitter: - Quick Questions9:30 - Sizzle Reel11:58 - Ms. Marvel's Power Changes26:09 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Wraps Filming31:05 - Black Adam's Cyclone Costume33:29 - Ahsoka Kicks Off Production38:26 - Doctor Strange 2 Box Office Report (w/ David Thompson)58:42 - MCU Rankings Update2:03:01 - Weekly Recs

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