7 Classroom Management Hacks That Actually Work! (With Dr. Lori Friesen)

FEELING LIKE YOUR CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT STRATEGY COULD USE A LITTLE FINE-TUNING?Well - you’re in luck!  Today I’ve brought on Dr. Lori Friesen to share her most effective classroom management hacks that any teacher can implement immediately to start seeing results.And Dr. Lori knows what she’s talking about.  She’s been around the (classroom) block a time or two!Dr. Lori Friesen taught for 10 years in Canada and overseas in Hong Kong and Japan before completing her PhD in Elementary Education with a specialization in Language and Literacy. She taught pre-service teachers at the University of Lethbridge and published The Beginning Teacher’s Handbook for Elementary School as the culminating project for her M.Ed. Dr. Lori completed her PhD at the University of Alberta and has been inducted into the Golden Key International Honor Society in recognition of her outstanding academic achievement and excellence. Dr. Lori recently met Oprah Winfrey on Oprah’s The Life You Want series’ show on service where she had an opportunity to share her vision for how to support new teachers. Dr. Lori’s work has been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, including The International Journal of Learning and Childhood Educational International as well as the popular online Edutopia. Host of the popular Beginning Teacher Talk podcast with more than 250,000 downloads and creator of the R.E.A.D.Y. for School Academy with 1,600+ students, Dr. Lori is dedicated to supporting and inspiring educators around the world.And I had the honor of picking her brain with some of the most simple ways that teachers can fine tune their classroom management plan.Dr. Lori not only shares some amazing classroom management tips - but she also shares how teachers can use these tips to build a strong classroom community that promotes positive interactions with everyone.FOR COMPLETE SHOW NOTES VISIT:  classroomnook.com/podcast/145Links & Resources Mentioned in the EpisodeGrab Lori’s FREE Ultimate Classroom Management Checklist HERE. Keep in Touch with Lori: WebsitePodcast: Beginning Teacher TalkInstagramTikTok

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