Rye Lane director Raine Allen-Miller and DP Olan Collardy

The Cinematography Podcast Episode 208: Rye Lane Rye Lane is a charming, energetic and funny romantic film that follows Dom and Yas, both twentysomethings going through bad breakups. They meet at a friend's art show and roam around South London, helping each other deal with their exes while having crazy adventures and restoring their faith in romance. The movie premiered at this year's Sundance Film Festival, opened wide in the UK and is set to stream on Hulu March 31. When she received the script for Rye Lane, direct Raine Allen-Miller knew she wanted to set the film in South London, a very vibrant, colorful place with lots of interesting characters. She loves movies by fellow British director Steve McQueen, and counts him as an influence on her work. Raine wanted her film to be funny and entertaining while still looking beautiful and “juicy” throughout. Rye Lane is Raine's first feature, and she creates an energetic, colorful and happy world where, once Dom and Yas meet, they simply have fun together. It was important to her that Black people be captured in a way that's positive, funny and goofy, and that people have a great time watching the film. Cinematographer Olan Collardy grew up in Nigeria and later moved to South London, where he met Raine while working on commercials. He says that Raine brings a beautiful sandbox to play in, with her love of color and interest in creating a very energetic, stylized, modern look to the film. They worked together to ensure that the camera was always in the right place to play up the humor- if it wasn't funny, it wasn't functional. Olan used extremely wide anamorphic lenses to add a touch of the surreal to the shots. They were influenced by the British comedy Peep Show, getting very close on a wide lens while the actor looks slightly above the lens so they don't break the fourth wall. Olan was influenced by Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing, which is also very rich in color and about a very specific place. Rye Lane is in theaters in the UK and will be streaming on Hulu on March 31. Instagram: @ryelanemovie Find Raine Allen-Miller: Instagram @raineallenmiller Find Olan Collardy: Instagram @olancollardy Close Focus: The 95th Academy Awards rehash, with Best Cinematography going to James Friend for All Quiet on the Western Front. Ben's short end: "Standard Story Company" a YouTube channel, has an excellent explainer on “Why Great Filmmakers LOVE These Two Transitions.” It's a good exercise for directors to think about what transitions to use when they're shooting, such as match cuts and contrast cuts. Illya's short end: New York's Cinegear Expo was a good trade show to attend post-pandemic as vendors for the film and entertainment industry finally had a chance to show their latest tech to a larger amount of attendees. Los Angeles Cinegear Expo will happen June 1-4. Listen to Ben's new horror series Catchers, available NOW only on Audible! Sponsored by

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