You Are An Athlete - On how to be your best in the mountains with Chloë Lanthier

Chloë is an elite multi-sport athlete with over two decades of experience competing on an international platform. Passionate about mountain endurance sports, Chloë competes in ultra running and mountain biking events and is an accomplished ski mountaineer. In her free time, she loves skinning up mountains and skiing fresh powder. Chloë established the Chamonix Mountain Endurance Academy where she offers a wide range of programs that put to use her skills as a consultant and educator in sports rehabilitation and human performance. --- Send in a voice message:

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Running is big. Elite athletes, records, technology, cutting edge gear. But it’s big for the people who lace up, head out and grab some miles. Day in, Day out. Whether it’s making it around the block, your first mile unbroken, feeling part of a community, clearer in your head or breaking what’s physically possible. Every Run is The Big Run. Join Danny on The Big Run podcast as he chats to friends, athletes, entrepreneurs, innovators, psychologists, creatives and many more in the world of running, movement and beyond.