The Best They Can Be- Running, Community and the majors with KRC Co-Founder Duy Nguyen

Welcome back to The Big Run. On todays episode we welcome back Duy Nguyen. Duy is the co-founder of Korea town run club and has joined us before. Since we last spoke Duy has collected his six stars as well as growing his community to new heights. In this conversation we explore his creativity, his relationship to running, the majors, building community, communicating it visually and so much more. You can follow KRC Check out Long Distance Love Hour Photo by Jason Suarez --- Send in a voice message:

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Running is big. Elite athletes, records, technology, cutting edge gear. But it’s big for the people who lace up, head out and grab some miles. Day in, Day out. Whether it’s making it around the block, your first mile unbroken, feeling part of a community, clearer in your head or breaking what’s physically possible. Every Run is The Big Run. Join Danny on The Big Run podcast as he chats to friends, athletes, entrepreneurs, innovators, psychologists, creatives and many more in the world of running, movement and beyond.