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If I Live Long Enough, I’m Gonna Win the Heisman Trophy

von The Best Storyteller In Texas Podcast | Vom 2022-01-11

In this episode: Kent recalls former Governor Preston Smith, including Smith’s unique campaign style and tactics and low-key sense of humor. He hails American ingenuity as never failing to solve a problem, from the invention of the drive-through window to solutions that brought the petroleum industry roaring back from its predicted demise 120 years ago. Kent also regales us with comical stories about several fascinating characters he’s known and recalls the great West Texas blizzard of 1957.

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Host Kent Hance shares insightful, educational and often hilarious stories from his legendary life as a lawyer, a former U.S. Congressman, a university chancellor, and most notably, a native Texan. With themes ranging from leadership to politics and great friendships with some colorful characters, this podcast is an opportunity for Hance to share some of his rare, behind-the-scenes experiences and to solidify his unofficial title as The Best Storyteller in Texas.