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Episode 5: Tracey Emin, A Fortnight of Tears at The White Cube, Bermondsey

von The Artcast | Vom 2019-04-01

Episode 5: Tracey Emin, A Fortnight of Tears at The White Cube, Bermondsey until 6th April. Discussed by Caz Murray, Vikki Kosmalska & Laura Lennard.Tracey Emin, the Turner Prize nominee, original enfant terrible of the 90s art world, and core member of the YBAs: she’s an artist we’re all familiar with. An artist we think we all know. But her current exhibition at The White Cube in Bermondsey had us rethinking both Emin and her artistic output. A Fortnight of Tears explores the loss experienced by the artist through various life changing events. It provoked strong reactions and really divided opinion amongst Team Artcast. Tune in to hear the debate. We question:Is it limiting for an artists’ work to be so thoroughly entwined with their autobiography? Is there a place for expressionist painting in contemporary art?Should Emin be celebrated for giving voice to inherently female narratives on such a grand scale, or is it distasteful to commercialise her private pain? A phenomenally popular, free exhibition: there is no doubt that Emin is drawing in the crowds. Let us know what you thought:Email us: [email protected] or follow us on Instagram: @theartcast  Thank you, as always, to the incredible Nat Witts for our jingle, and to the brilliant Jonny Lennard for our editing.

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A fortnightly arts review podcast with an accessible approach. Art lovers and keen exhibition goers, we aim to open up fresh conversations on London's current art shows. Usually over a glass of wine... We're basically a book group, but we discuss art exhibitions instead of books. Hosts: Laura Lennard, Caz Murray and Vikki KosmalskaSpecial thanks to Nat Witts for our awesome jingle; and to Jonny Lennard, our brilliant Editor.