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Privatizing the Internet Was a Mistake w/ Ben Tarnoff

von Tech Won't Save Us | Vom 2022-06-09

Paris Marx is joined by Ben Tarnoff to discuss why the problems with the modern internet, including its excessive concentration in the hands of a few companies and the way its dominant firms shape our interactions to generate profit, find their root in the decision to privatize the network. To fix them, that needs to be changed.Ben Tarnoff is the author of Internet for the People: The Fight for Our Digital Future and the co-founder of Logic Magazine. Follow Ben on Twitter at @bentarnoff.Tech Won’t Save Us offers a critical perspective on tech, its worldview, and wider society with the goal of inspiring people to demand better tech and a better world. Follow the podcast (@techwontsaveus) and host Paris Marx (@parismarx) on Twitter, support the show on Patreon, and sign up for the weekly newsletter.Find out more about Harbinger Media Network at mentioned in this episode:An excerpt of Ben’s book was published in the New York Times.Victor Pickard wrote about the history of public media in Democracy Without Journalism.Newt Gingrich and George Gilder, once featured by Wired for their visions for the internet, have now become big crypto fans.The United States has terrible broadband access.Major tech companies are buying up undersea internet cables.Tarleton Gillespie wrote about the politics of platforms and what the term suggests.Jathan Sadowski compares platforms to shopping malls.Tressie McMillan Cottom wrote about the predatory inclusion of the internet.Community internet has shown success in the United States, while provincial public telcos have a history of positive outcomes in Canada.Support the show

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Silicon Valley has a solution for everything, but who do its ideas really serve? Every Thursday, Paris Marx is joined by a new guest to critically examine the tech industry, its thought leaders, and the worldview it spreads. They challenge the notion that tech alone can drive our world forward by showing that separating tech from politics has consequences for us all, especially the most vulnerable. But if tech won't save us, what will? This podcast isn't simply about tearing tech down; it also presents radical ideas for tech designed for human flourishing instead of surveillance, acquisitions, or to boost stock prices. A better world is possible, and so is better technology.