Talk Cinephilia to Me

We love Hammer's Scream of Fear and Paranoiac and trash Nightmare

von Talk Cinephilia to Me | Vom 2021-05-13

Three Hammer films today! We're thrilled over Oliver Reed going all out in "Paranoiac" (that scene on the stairs!) and eventually ponder what if it had been the tale of two Reeds. "Scream of Fear" was also named "Taste of Fear" and we wonder about the ability to taste terror while method acting with Susan Strasberg. Those two films were so good that by the time Hammer got to "Nightmare" it was tired. Aaron and I separately, bizarrely, came to the conclusion they wanted Sandra Dee for that one, in which case it would have been amazing, but that wasn't happening so they lost the lead actress part way through. Oh, where was Sandra Dee?! Pretending Sandra Dee was in it makes it better.

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