Talk Cinephilia to Me

The Dystopian Cinema of Arch Obeler, and Examining the Cold War Zombie

von Talk Cinephilia to Me | Vom 2020-04-01

Continuing a theme begun last week on Cold War era films with streets depopulated by killer radiation poisoning or a plague, the focus of this episode is Arch Obeler, not only his post nuclear apocalypse film "Five", but his fantasy-absurdist anti-fascism radio shows, his move into film, the anti-fascist movie "Strange Holiday", and his media-as-mind-control film "The Twonky".

We also discuss "White Zombie" as another thread in the episode is how the zombie came to be used to represent authoritarian/fascist control of the population.

Please see the Notes for episode 2 at the Talk Cinephilia to Me website.

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