Talk Cinephilia to Me

Marathon Episode on the Soviet Necrorealist Films of Evgeny Yufit and Vladamir Maslov

von Talk Cinephilia to Me | Vom 2020-05-21

Aaron has long been an appreciator of the Soviet Necrorealist films of Evgeny Yufit, who later teamed up with Vladamir Maslov. For those who are unfamiliar with the genre, we discuss its frenetic history, pondering the myth versus reality of artistic spontaneity, dissect Yufit's early work for themes that will be elaborated upon in his features, and compare and contrast Yufit's early films with those he later co-directed and co-wrote with Maslov. The movies covered in this episode are: "Werewolf Orderlies", "Woodcutter", "Spring", "Suicide Monsters", "Fortitude", "Knights of Heaven", "Daddy, Father Frost is Dead", "The Will", "The Wooden Room", and "Silverheads". If we took 2 hours it's because these dreamlike, absurd films, both grotesque and comic, confrontational, aesthetically remarkable in every respect, eventually even startlingly beautiful, demand deep consideration. 

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"Talk Cinephilia to me" is a podcast about watching cinema--artistic, outsider, experimental and B movies--brought to you by author playwright, Juli Kearns, and her son, Aaron Dylan Kearns, an experimental filmmaker who, though he was raised on great cinema, loves tawdry horror. He knows things I don't about film. I know things he doesn't. Most importantly, we know enough to be very aware of what we don't know. We promise to be humble, somewhat meandering hosts because we're disaffected dyslexic leftists with opinions and our filters are busted. Check our website for episode notes and info!!