Talk Cinephilia to Me

Five tales of Ben Hur! Exploring the Cinema as Spectacle

von Talk Cinephilia to Me | Vom 2020-04-23

We discuss not only the 1925 and 1959 cinema extravaganzas of "Ben Hur", but also the book, the play, and the 1907 "Ben Hur", the first cinema edition that wasn't an epic but led to a costly battle over copyright. As it turned out, we loved the 1925 "Ben Hur", and we explore the reasons for this and how it differs from the 1959 remake. Follow Talk Cinephilia to Me on Facebook and Twitter for supplements to the episode. Also check out our website for notes on the episode.

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"Talk Cinephilia to me" is a podcast about watching cinema--artistic, outsider, experimental and B movies--brought to you by author playwright, Juli Kearns, and her son, Aaron Dylan Kearns, an experimental filmmaker who, though he was raised on great cinema, loves tawdry horror. He knows things I don't about film. I know things he doesn't. Most importantly, we know enough to be very aware of what we don't know. We promise to be humble, somewhat meandering hosts because we're disaffected dyslexic leftists with opinions and our filters are busted. Check our website for episode notes and info!!