Sustaining Sustainability

Episode 26: "Sustainable Ecosystems — with Peter Lacy"

von Sustaining Sustainability | Vom 2021-04-14

In this episode, CSB Director CB Bhattacharya is joined from the United Kingdom by Peter Lacy, Global Sustainability Service Lead and Chief Responsibility Officer at Accenture. Accenture plc is a Fortune Global 500 company, operating across over 40 industries with revenues of $44.3 billion in 2020. In the Episode Peter Lacy and Prof. Bhattacharya discuss - Industry-wide initiatives to combat climate change and the value of partnerships. - Circular Economy and Peters contribution to Accenture’s sustainability vision - Corporate communication strategy to highlight innovation and circular economy initiatives. - Accenture’s sustainability initiatives and more…. Sign up to receive weekly episodes right to your inbox: Submit your "Sustaining Sustainability" feedback and/or questions: This episode was researched, recorded, edited, and produced by Prof. CB Bhattacharya and Alyssa Martinec of the University of Pittsburgh Center for Sustainable Business. Music: "Lively" by Dee Yan-Key From the Free Music Archive CC BY NC SA

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This podcast series explores sustainability lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic. Through short (15-minute) interviews with industry managers, academic experts, government officials, and civil society leaders, we explore various societal challenges magnified by the COVID-19 crisis. Each episode focuses on a specific topic and builds toward a call to action.