Great Resignation vs Great Retention

Shifting your view from stressing about the Great Resignation to focusing on retaining your employees will help attract and keep the employees you want. Retaining employees comes down to your leaders focusing on your people and your culture. Chelsey Paulson shares her thoughts on the Great Resignation vs the Great Retention and how companies that have a shared purpose create an environment where employees want to stay. Sign up for Keystone’s monthly newsletter and learn more about how Keystone can help by contacting us at [email protected] or

Om Podcasten

“Superpowers” are what makes us unique as leaders. What are yours? The “Superpower” podcast reveals real-life stories and interviews with leaders who share what their superpowers are, how they learned to recognize them, and how they use them to lead in their personal and professional lives. After all, success is all about leadership, serving, and making an impact.