EXTRA EPISODE: Pinch Me Moments

As we have very sadly come to the end of series one of the podcast, I have a special extra episode for you. If you're one of our lovely regular listeners, you will know that in each episode, I always ask our guests to share a 'pinch me moment'. So this episode is a compilation of all of our incredible guests from series one sharing their 'pinch me moment' stories. So if you don't quite understand what a 'pinch me moment' is yet, let me explain it to you. These are the tiny moments that happen all the time while travelling where you just look around and this 'wow, I can't believe I'm here and I can't believe I'm seeing this.' They are the moments that take your breath away, change your perspective or simply just when you pause, look around and appreciate how far you've come. We've had a great first series of this podcast and I'm so grateful for all of you who have joined us on this journey as listeners and our incredible guests. For me, at least, sharing these stories is really what travelling is all about. Series two will be coming soon with even more inspiring adventurers sharing their epic travel stories. If you think you would be a great guest on the podcast or you know if someone who might, please get in touch. From August, I will be based in Sydney, Australia for in-person conversations or we can do them over Skype. I would love to hear from you. I hope you enjoy this little compilation of series ones guests sharing their 'pinch me moments'... Our Instagram: @StorytimeForTravellers Do you love to travel? Want to hear inspiring adventurers share their travel stories? Then this is the podcast for you. Subscribe to stay up to date with our weekly episodes. 

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