8 - S&S Performance Times Podcast

Episode number eight of the Performance Times Podcast David & Jon talk with Mike Davis, co-founder of the Born Free Motorcycle show, we cover the trials and tribulations of creating a world class bike show as well as his pet cows and distaste for Canadian Bacon. We also cover the Bagger Racing League event in semi painful detail, the recent American Flat Track OKC Mile Double Header and some of the most epic flat track racing of the year at the Lima Ohio race. David professes his unnatural affection for small bore Hondas and Jon answers your mail. Born Free's Mike Davis couldn't recall his exact favorite quote, so dug it up (it's pretty good!)“Every time I start thinkin' the world is all bad, then I start seeing some people out having a good time on motorcycles and it makes me take another look.” —Steve McQueen from the Bruce Brown movie, On Any Sunday.For more information about the stuff we talked about this episode:https://www.bornfreeshow.com/https://www.americanflattrack.com/https://motoamerica.com/watch/https://www.sscycle.com/search/?keyword=sidewinder%20exhausthttps://www.sscycle.com/search/?keyword=hooligan%20Kit

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Performance Times was originally a printed piece and then a blog and will now evolve into a Podcast. Along the way we’ll bring in some of your favorite racers, industry insiders and up and coming bike builders and talk performance, new stuff and events.