Meditation: Asleep In 5 Minutes

Join Premium! Ready for an ad-free meditation experience? Join Premium now and get every episode from ALL of our podcasts completely ad-free now! Just a few clicks makes it easy for you to listen on your favorite podcast player.  Become a PREMIUM member today by going to --> Close your eyes, dear one, And lay your head down to rest.  The night is here to soothe you, So relax deeply, And let yourself be blessed. So settle in now, Ready to embrace sweet sleep, Letting your breath calm you down, And pull you into the deep. PAUSE… Let your body melt, Your face, Your shoulders, Your chest. Let every limp get heavier,  And release anything that feels stressed. PAUSE… If anything feels heavy, If thoughts are floating around, Breathe them out with every exhale, And then come back to this soothing sound. PAUSE… In and out, Out and in, Your breath will bring you home. In and out, Out and in, No longer will you roam.  PAUSE… This place your breath takes you, Is spacious,  Calm, And light. It connects you to your magical soul, So surrender to it fully tonight. PAUSE… There’s safety here, Within this space, Nothing can cause you harm. So relax, And let go fully now, Your fears and worries can disarm. PAUSE... Sweet dreams, Beautiful one, Another day has passed. Be one with the truth, That your soul is here to last.  PAUSE… Sweet Dreams, Beautiful. 💗💗💗 Check out all the deals from our incredible sponsors here! --> 💗💗💗 Check out all of our other podcasts at To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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