How to have a successful divorce and emerge with confidence... with Karen McMahon

Divorce is hard, but it’s important that women emerge from divorce with confidence!  Join Jodie as she speaks with Karen McMahon - a Relationship and Divorce coach, host of the Journey Beyond Divorce podcast, co-author, and creator of the Journey Beyond Divorce 12 step recovery program.  Unfortunately, many of us either go through a divorce at some stage, or know someone who has, so this conversation is really valuable to so many women.  Join Jodie and Karen, as they discuss:  - the 3 C’s you should aim for - Calm, Clear and Confident;  - how self-doubt, a sense of failure and a fear of the unknown gets people stuck in the ‘should I end or should I mend’ space;  - why ‘staying together for the children’ will often cause more damage than good;  - how our behaviours in a damaged marriage, will dictate and teach our children what ‘intimate love’ looks like;  - why external support and therapists are invaluable to help you in your journey to recovery and give you an outside perspective on toxic behaviours;  - how the best thing you can do is to let the outside world in, because they won’t be fooled by the behaviours you have become accustomed to;  - how to have full agency over everything you think, feel and say and set powerful boundaries with confidence;  - why speaking honestly, with kindness and compassion, is the best way to maintain healthy relationships;  - how keeping the focus on YOU is the key to getting through the 12-step program to a successful divorce;  - Step 7, which deals with how to rekindle confidence by managing all the ‘fear’ stories that come out of a divorce.  Hopefully, you’ll never need to use the amazing tips, tricks and insights that have come out of this conversation, but we know that there is someone in your world who needs them right now, so please feel free to share with your network.  Building your confidence WILL help you to manage the conflict and pain of a divorce, and also support you to emerge from divorce with confidence.   Because we know, With Confidence... ANYTHING is possible!  X Jodie & Anastasia RiSe Women    If you want to learn more confidence techniques, the head over to our website and purchase our book on confidence – ‘Pumped – Confidence Techniques that will have you Standing Taller in the World’ – or purchase from your favourite book seller. 

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The Secrets of Confident Women podcast is for all women who want more out of life but know that their lack of confidence is getting in the way. Whether you’re a career woman, a small business owner, a mum heading back into the workforce after having kids, navigating a divorce or relationship breakdown, or just a woman going through a major transition in life - this podcast will bring you game-changing insights, practical techniques and inspiring interviews, to help you boost your confidence, get your head back in the game and get your life back on track... fast! Join Jodie and Anastasia from RiSe Women as they help you create, maintain and master the confidence levels you’ve always wanted, to live your best life possible.