Episode 20 Improv Comedy and Educational Equity

Harry Potter and The Golden Compass trilogy are some of Kate’s favorite books. She also loves Stephen King’s novels.Should Adults be embarrassed to read young adult fiction?Brad Pitt’s Make it Right foundation built houses in the 9th ward post-Katrina.The Second City is Chicago’s premier place to see and study improv comedyThe iO Theater runs comedy classes and shows in ChicagoThe next Fear Experiment show will be March 18th in Chicago. Check it out if you’re around, you won’t be disappointed.Teach for America is an organization tacking educational equity and through it Kate and I both got out start in teaching.

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Big change and new experiences, ideas, philosophies are common when the planet Saturn returns to the same celestial location it occupied at our birth. These can be times of great struggle and obstacles, new challenges and responsibilities that often mark time as a clear “before” and “after.” Host Regina Beach turned 30, quit her job and is heading to Laos to live and work. Follow her on her Return of Saturn journey.