Season 2, Episode 3 - Music in Marion

von Sam.wav | Vom 2018-11-13

We often say that music broadens boundaries, but how does that concept come into play? Dr. Beth McGinnis and her senior seminar class explored the power of music by traveling to Perry County, Alabama. While there, they played music with high school students and interviewed school administrators. In this student-made episode of Sam.wav, we discuss the role of music education in the Black Belt and beyond. This episode features Samuel Robertson, Beth McGinnis, Cathy Trimble, and Isaac Lanier. The music in this episode was written and produced by Samford student Kerry Joiner, who also got to participate in this project. Find more about our program at You can find us on social media on Twitter (@su_stori), Instagram (@samford_stori), and Facebook. If you like our podcast, please rate and review it wherever you find us, or share us with a friend. Make waves!

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