Roots in the Koots

Episode 2 - Corky Evans

von Roots in the Koots | Vom 2020-11-14

Participation... Getting your hands dirty.... getting involved.... These are the core principles of a functioning community and a democracy. It takes hard work, cooperation and dedication over time to truly build a home, community and province worth living in. Perhaps more importantly it takes people dedicated to that cause to put in the long hours and long effort required to make long lasting positive changeCorky Evans is one of those people, and there are few lives in the West Kootenay that have not been touched or impacted in some fashion either directly from his work or as an offshoot of a legacy that he worked on.It all started in a scenario seemingly unlikely to produce a leader for the people and communities of the West Kootenay.From an urban life amid a country in shambles in the late 60's that could sadly be a story right out of todays news, to a pioneering life in rural BC Corky Evans has undergone some significant shifts in his life, and in each instance seems to have built resiliency and resolve to make the world a better place.From race riots to river rights the main narrative throughout the first seven decades of his life has been one of getting involved, participating , getting his hands dirty and not being afraid to say what is on his mind.I connected with Corky on the front porch of his home of 50 years in Winlaw for an insightful conversation into the views of a man of the land and a man of the people.Let's dive in, and hear more about how a man bent on getting involved and making a disturbance when necessary got his start and ended up leaving a significant legacy of community wealth in his wake.

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