Roots in the Koots

Episode 1 - Gary Camozzi

von Roots in the Koots | Vom 2020-11-06

Every town has it's characters and it's legends. The people that help create the culture, the setting, the feel and the soul of a community. Everyone of us do it to an extent and indeed a community can't be a community with out everyone of us playing our roles. Some however stand out. Some have reached mythical proportions. Some are seen and thought to be known by many in town, but often only in a mythical, surface level type way. Gary Camozzi is one of those people that help make up Rossland's fabric. Many know him as the scruffy fellow seen traversing Columbia Ave in his snowsuit regardless of the weather. Many others know him as a storyteller not afraid to spin a tale at a gathering. Many however know Gary as much for the caricature and legend that has been created around him. Gay himself acknowledges that most people know him as the smart kid that dabbled in drugs and ended up living on the backside of Red mountain. There is so much more to the story than that however, and that story itself is not entirely true.A few weeks back. I stopped down to Gary's trailer just off Columbia Ave's west end to say hello and see if he was interested in doing an interview for a new podcast I was working on. We ended up on a six hour epic journey through his history, all of our history and just about every bit of history you can imagine culminating with how it all ties back to the change that is needed and indeed is happening in present day. To say I was floored would be an understatement. Gary and I had chatted before but this was a whole new level of wow. Over a few bottles of wine we recounted some unbelievable tales and shared a bond over our shared interest and knowledge in the spiritual and mystic. It was perhaps the best unrecorded interview of my life.A few days later we got together in my studio on Georgia St and sat down for a more structured interview to hear the stories of how Gary came to be, some of the wild tales he's been a part of and what it all means for the rest of us and our future.All of this is to say that Gary is much much more than the snowsuit clad fellow you have seen around town and perhaps someone that we all should be paying a little more attention too.Let's dive in, and hear the story of Gary Donald Camozzi and his Roots in the Koots.

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A deep dive into the stories behind the legends and characters that call The Kootenays home.