Dori Freeman (Singer-Songwriter and Americana Artist)

von Roadcase | Vom 2021-11-03

Welcome to Roadcase, a podcast exploring the live music experience!!  Join us for this  fascinating look into the life of Dori Freeman.  Her fourth album, Ten Thousand Roses, was just released on September 10 and shows Dori in an entirely new light. We explore the ways this album is a departure for her, what it means to raise a daughter as a touring musician and how Dori overcame her early battle with stage fright. Living in the small Southwest Virginia town of Galax, Dori has the benefit of being surrounded by family and has shaped her life as a musician taking family into account.  Her husband, Nicholas Falk, who produced her new album, also tours with Dori and they take their daughter with them on the road when they can.  Dori is an incredibly talented songwriter with an absolutely gorgeous voice, and is a gifted and lovely human as well, who enjoys sharing her musical gifts in venues across the country and out in the world.  So catch a ride on the Roadcase bus for this intriguing look into the life of singer-songwriter Dori Freeman. It's gonna be a great ride!!For more information: and https://www.roadcasepod.comContact: [email protected] music:  "Eugene" (Instrumental)" by Waltzer

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Roadcase features interviews with touring artists, performers, and industry figures in roughly hour-long episodes which delve into the creative process behind the live show and performance itself, the personal histories and anecdotes that inform an artist’s experience and fuel their craft, as well as the cultural forces at play behind the music and events industries. Roadcase offers listeners both informative and entertaining insights into the live music world through lively conversation with veteran musicians and industry leaders who have made a career creating and producing live events.