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Ep. 8: How Shyra & Marques Paid Off $110K Of Debt & Teach Couples To Build Wealth

von Rich by Intention | Vom 2021-06-29

In this episode, Anjie & RJ are joined by Shyra and Marques of Black, Married and Debt Free. They discuss how to get on the same page about money with your partner, how they paid off $110K of debt and how they encouraged their young daughter to write her first book. Tune in! More about Marques & Shyra of @blackmarried&debtfree: After experiencing a financial crisis that left Marques and Shyra broke and in debt, they found the strength, creativity, and drive to reverse a downward spiral. Through the application of practical steps and a transformational mindset shift, they were able to pay off a six-figure debt to become debt free in 2017. They have since purchased 3 out-of-state investment properties. Today, they are financial coaches who share their story and relationship advice on the YouTube channel and podcast, Black, Married, and Debt Free. Shyra is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and has a certificate in Professional Coaching for Life and Work from UC Davis. Together, they utilize a coach-approach to help couples build healthy habits for a strong financial foundation.

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Anjie and RJ paid off 6-figures of student loan debt in less than a year through teamwork, discipline, and intention. As a married couple navigating their life post-parenthood, they know that balancing life can get challenging. Through the stories of successful, ambitious people and couples, it is their hope you will be encouraged to pay off debt, save money, invest, and ultimately become Rich by Intention. Tune in every Tuesday with Anjie and RJ as they inspire you to manage money, marriage, and career with intention. Follow us on Instagram @richbyintention