Stupid Girl Series: Sarah Clanton

von Revolutionize | Vom 2021-04-16

When I first heard the song Stupid Girl by Jennifer Nettles, it absolutely shook me to the core. It is incredibly meaningful to me and in many ways it’s been the cornerstone of my approach to business, how I show up for my clients, and my personal brand.   I want to highlight conversations around the reality that most of us as little girls were fed messages that “you’re silly”, “that’s not for you”, “why don’t you be more responsible?”, ”why can’t you just be satisfied with what you do have?” When it came to our dreams of pursuing a career as an artist or creative. Our stories have value and they’re simply not discussed often enough, so I want to share the unique and yet similar realities most young girls have shared on their path to chasing their dreams. In this episode of The Stupid Girl series with co-host Sarah Clanton, who is currently one of my clients, we focus on what’s possible when we lose our limiting beliefs and the stories we’ve been telling ourselves for years of the way it’s “supposed” to be … and live in our true authenticity.   Curious about working with Lindsey? Book in a free strategy call here:        

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