Kate Love (formerly Kate Bock) on Body Image at a Young Age, New Motherhood, and Putting Roots Down When You’re Always on the Move

Kate Love is a NYC based model, entrepreneur and health & wellness advocate. She is known for her work with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, where she made her debut in 2013 and has since appeared every year, including two covers in 2020. Kate has landed multiple fashion campaigns, beauty promotions and featured in global publications highlights include Ralph Lauren, L’Oreal, Hourglass, Clarins as well as Vogue and Elle covers. Love's passion and advocacy in the health and wellness, beauty, and lifestyle space has led her to various entrepreneurial and charitable initiatives. She is a contributing editor to MindBodyGreen and an ambassador for Wellness In The Schools. She is the founder and CEO of Love Kate inc. and collaborates with established and budding brands on successful product collaborations. Emily and Kate go way back - from dancing on tables in Vegas to getting married and having babies at the same time - and in this episode they’re sharing it all. Listen in as they unpack body image and pressures of their early years, struggles in pregnancy, navigating new motherhood,  and life on the move being married to an NBA player. Follow Emily on Instagram here and tiktok hereFind Emily on Youtube here Follow Kate on IG here Follow Kate on TikTok here TW: This episode includes conversations around restrictive eating and eating disordersReModeling is produced by Em Roberts and Ali Alquiza  *Subscribe, rate, review wherever you listen to podcasts!  

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Introducing ReModeling with Emily DiDonato, a new podcast that explores the shifts, phases and evolutions of life that we go through as women. Whether you’re changing careers, in the early days of motherhood, (I promise you will sleep again), going from city to suburbs, or just in general craving change– we got you. From global model living in New York city to content creator to suburban mama and beauty founder, Emily has experienced her fair share of shifting gears. Come along with her as she talks to founders, mothers, experts, and tastemakers, as they share their stories and break down their greatest life and career pivots. Join us as we find out why they did it, how they did it and what they learned. If it’s time for your very own remodel, grab your headphones and start here.ReModeling is produced by Em Roberts and Ali Alquiza