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Cultivating a Creative Life: Episode 3

von Rachel Sermanni's Finger That Points to the Moon | Vom 2021-06-01

For more information on the workshop, including tickets, follow this link - https://www.rachelsermanni.com/workshop‘Consider Everything an Experiment’In this episode I get talking about a favourite hand book of mine, written by Chogyam Trungpa, interpreting the ‘Slogans of Atisha’ which are a bunch of succinct one or two liners that are, in some way, supposed to boil the magic of Buddhism and Buddhist practice down to something concise. I look at what ‘Experimenting’ looks like for creative people compared to what it might look like for a professional Scientist. I talk about ‘Not Knowing’ and why that is pretty darn important in the process of writing a song, or making anything at all.In this series I circumambulate (walk around/talk around) the magic of Creativity using the template of 10 Rules that were written by a fascinating woman called Sister Corita Kent. In each episode I interpret and elaborate on one or two of these rules according to my own life experience.Hopefully this accumulation of thoughts expressed gives the listener some inspiration & foundational knowledge on how to Cultivate a Creative Life. For more info on Sister Corita Kent & how to help save her old art studio & legacy: https://www.corita.org/

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Rachel Sermanni makes a new offering, in the form of a Podcast: The Finger that Points to the Moon... She says: 'What I am pointing at, with whatever I am saying or whoever I am interviewing, is only the finger. It is only the direction in which I’d like for you to Look and then you can see what you see.This podcast, I hope, can be ignition, inspiration and curiosity for others whilst sating my own inquiry and desire to integrate creative form with general living life. To make something that transcends boundary and genre.' Here, with your ear, you can delve into various streams of thought, narrative, dialogue & creative-workshop all rooted and growing from Rachel's own curiosity and experience. https://www.rachelsermanni.com