Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco: How To Turn Setbacks Into Rocket Fuel In Your Business and Family

Today on the podcast we’re welcoming Mike “C-Roc” and his wife Jennifer. Mike is a performance coach, author, speaker and thought leader. He’s on a mission to encourage people to share their stories and build authenticity in their lives. Growing up in a broken home, Mike quickly realized that if he wanted to build an amazing life, he was going to have to use his past trauma as what he calls “Rocket Fuel,” to propel him forward. He believes that our spirit, put in us by God, is unbreakable and that you can achieve anything you want in life. C-Roc has built a highly successful mortgage division with his best friends, twice, and is #1 on the list of the Top Mortgage Professionals by Yahoo! Finance.   In this episode we discuss how Mike has used his traumatic upbringing as Rocket Fuel, why being stubborn is a good thing, how he and his wife lead the family, the importance of listening to your partner, staying present, communication with your spouse and instilling a work ethic in your kids.   “I don’t care how much money comes in, I’m always grinding like I’m broke. I don’t want to ever get complacent - Mike “C-Roc”   This week on Pretty and Punk:  How Mike used his childhood pain as motivation How you can turn setbacks into ROCKET FUEL Why being stubborn isn’t a bad thing if it’s on the right thing How 2020 opened up a lot of doors and opportunities for Mike and Jennifer What Mike and Jennifer have learned about love, after 18 years of marriage The importance of sacrifice Why you have to start listening more to your spouse Why Mike and Jennifer talk about their day with their kids, while eating the dinner table Why compliments and the little things matter in your marriage You’ve got to date your partner and communicate your needs and concerns at the RIGHT time   Connect with the Pretty and Punk Podcast: Pretty and Punk Website Pretty and Punk Podcast on Facebook Pretty and Punk Podcast on Instagram Spicy Lil Pepper on Instagram Punk Ass on LinkedIn   Connect with Mike: Mike “C-Roc” Mike on Instagram Mike on LinkedIn Mike on YouTube   Connect with Jennifer: Jen on Instagram   Mike’s Upcoming Book: Turning Setbacks into Rocket Fuel   Resource: The 10x Rule                

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