How To Master Millions with Kids In The Mix

To mark their fifth wedding anniversary, this episode is 100% Ildiko and Dan exploring the where what and how's of achieving 360-degree life success while also raising happy, well-adjusted kids and maintaining a loving relationship with your partner. They discuss the best practices behind combining kids and entrepreneurship and share their tips and tricks on how they include the kids creatively in their businesses to foster a sense of teamwork. Dan also elaborates on ways they use to stay emotionally connected with your partner or spouse during the pandemic and the stresses of working from home. Ildiko explains why she embraced meditation and incorporates it into her everyday life; she also gives her recommendations of tools and apps to use if you’re interested in seeing how it can help you create space.   “Things won’t always go as planned, and you have to just be ok with it.” - Ildiko Ferenczi   This Week on Pretty and Punk: How Ildiko learned to embrace being open and sharing her parenting journey in professional settings Kids and Zoom - how to flip the narrative and see including your kids in your business as a form of education Tips on how to keep the kids busy with independent activities Why they try not to use screens to keep their children quiet How to win the day in business by leveraging routines for themselves and for their kids Understanding your body’s rhythms and learning how to work with yours Why you should be open about having kids in the house and how not to stress about a little background noise How outsourcing parts of your business can help you stay present both as a parent and an entrepreneur The importance of gratitude and giving positive feedback to your children and partner   Resources Mentioned: LoveHertz YouTube BrainTap Jonas Guided Meditations Wim Hof YouTube Pretty and Punk Podcast: Natural Health Remedies for Parents, Kids, and Entrepreneurs with Dr. Edward Group   Connect with the Pretty and Punk Podcast: Pretty and Punk Website Pretty and Punk Podcast on Facebook Pretty and Punk Podcast on Instagram Spicy Lil Pepper on Instagram Punk Ass on LinkedIn    

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A business podcast for entrepreneurs with kids, or thinking about having kids. Hosted by Dan “Punkass” Caldwell, founder of the hugely successful TapouT brand and his wife Ildiko Ferenczi, founder of Canada’s first woman owned architectural concrete company. Join them as they go on this incredible journey to discover how the worlds leading men and women entrepreneurs, are raising kids, while also building successful companies!