Bryan Ward: Why You'll Have To Sacrifice Everything, To Become The Worlds Greatest Dad

Bryan Ward joins us on the podcast today. Bryan is the dad of all dad’s and hosts a podcast for dads, about dads being dads. The show has guests that share their experiences being dads and how they have managed raising kids while being successful in their careers. Bryan is a US Marine Corps veteran, a championship basketball coach and an avid runner. Growing up in a troubled household, motivated Bryan to be the best possible dad he could be. In fact, famous entrepreneur Ed Mylett has described Bryan as being “the world’s greatest dad”. Through his podcast, Bryan has had the pleasure of interviewing, pro athletes, incredible entrepreneurs, celebrities and various other high profile people. In addition to his podcast, Bryan speakers across the country with the hopes of inspiring a generation of amazing fathers.   In this episode we discuss Bryan’s tumultuous childhood and how that inspired him to be the best dad he can be. We talk about Bryan’s philosophy of putting family before work, his wife’s health struggles, what it’s like being in recovery for alcoholism, being a coach, the power of affirmations and much more.   "If my job ever told me, 'We really need you here, you've gotta be putting in 15 hours a day', I would have quit. Because my kids are more important to me." - Bryan Ward   This week on Pretty and Punk: The honor of being labeled “The best dad in the world” Putting family before work - Quitting your job if necessary! The joy Bryan receives from watching his sons hang out together His wife’s heart attack and her struggle to regain her vision How watching his parents struggle with alcoholism changed Bryan’s life for the better Why Bryan quit drinking The power of habit building The importance of showing up to your children's games and practices Childhood today vs. childhood of the past - The struggle with devices and technology The biggest regret of entrepreneurs with kids Getting a marriage coach to continue to grow the bond with his wife The road to being an empty nester   Connect with Bryan Ward: Website Instagram Twitter   Connect with the Pretty and Punk Podcast: Pretty and Punk Website Pretty and Punk Podcast on Facebook Pretty and Punk Podcast on Instagram Spicy Lil Pepper on Instagram Punk Ass on LinkedIn                

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