Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

Today, it’s just the two of us on the podcast and we’re debating the question “Are entrepreneurs born or are they made?” While the answer is probably a mix of both, Ildiko and I are discussing our thoughts on the controversial topic. Some people believe that entrepreneurs are born with something special, something different. Perhaps, but, business acumen can also be taught, and creative ideas can be nurtured.   In this episode you’ll find that Ildiko and I have slightly different views on whether or not entrepreneurship are born. We’d love to know the audience's thoughts on this. What do you think about entrepreneurship? Maybe you have kids who seem like creators or visionaries, we’d love to know! Please tag us on instagram and leave us a review.   “Entrepreneurs are born with certain traits” - Ildiko Ferenczi   This week on Pretty and Punk: The different types of entrepreneurs The drive to prove yourself Growing up with money vs. starting with nothing Fostering your kids interests, as a parent Embracing your god given talent   Connect with the Pretty and Punk Podcast: Pretty and Punk Website Pretty and Punk Podcast on Facebook Pretty and Punk Podcast on Instagram Spicy Lil Pepper on Instagram Punk Ass on LinkedIn                              

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A business podcast for entrepreneurs with kids, or thinking about having kids. Hosted by Dan Caldwell, founder of the hugely successful $300M TapouT brand, and his wife Ildiko Ferenczi, actress, social media Star and founder of Canada’s first woman owned architectural concrete company. Join them, with their two children, the world youngest podcasters, Daniel and Destiny, as they go on this incredible journey to discover how the worlds leading men and women entrepreneurs, are raising kids, while also building successful companies!