Where Will YOU Be 6 Months From Now? - with Dyanne Bongiovanni

If you want to stop waiting for the perfect time, and start creating the future you want, listen to today’s Preschool All Stars story: Dyanne Bongiovanni has been living and teaching overseas for years. When she found herself back in the US with 2 young children, she knew she didn’t want to continue teaching outside of the home. She knew the logistics of starting an online preschool business would be hard in her current living situation, but she didn’t want to keep pushing the hard task down the road. She decided to stop waiting for an “easier” time, and start bettering her life now. Listen in to discover how you can stop waiting and start creating, too!

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As mothers who need to add money to the family budget, we thought we only had two options. Get a job and put our kids in daycare, or start a home daycare. But what if there was a third option… A better way that would allow you to create a consistent income AND make a difference in children’s lives… and still stay home with your kids? I’m Joy Anderson and this is the Preschool All Stars podcast where I’m going to share exactly how myself and thousands of other moms have created successful preschools, so you can do the same. Learn more about starting your own preschool by going to https://joyanderson.com