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215 - MEET EMILY BRAIDWOOD Insole Innovation Blending Function & Fashion

von Podiatry Legends Podcast | Vom 2022-07-15

Turn Heads; Not Ankles is the mantra behind Emily Braidwood, an off-the-shelf orthotic line designed to allow women to wear the shoes they want to wear so they can walk all day, dance all night and exercise for life. The Emily Braidwood brand was created and developed over several years by entrepreneurial sports podiatrist Emily Smith. They are not a replacement for custom-made orthotics but more of a precursor. Emily was also on Episode 212: Be Willing to Experiment. In this episode, we discuss: The historical development of the original idea. Why it’s not a replacement for custom-made orthotics. The process of the concept to prototype, and then getting it on the market. Filling a gap in the market. Suppose you have an idea and you feel you can solve an ongoing problem. In that case, you should consider developing it further yourself, with a group of podiatrists or partnering up with someone who has done something similar. If you have any questions, you can connect with Emily at [email protected] Business Coaching Have you decided to grow your podiatry business? If you have, let's talk. You can email me at [email protected]; otherwise, look at my Mentoring page or go to my online calendar and schedule a FREE 30-minute Zoom meeting with me.  ONLINE CALENDAR YouTube I upload all my educational and podcast videos to my Youtube channel, Tyson E Franklin - Podiatry Advisor & Mentor. Please SUBSCRIBE, and if you click on the bell icon, you'll be informed whenever a new video is uploaded.  If you want to connect with like-minded, positive podiatrists, consider joining the Podiatry Business Owners Club on Facebook. 

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