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212 - Be Willing to Experiment with Emily Smith

von Podiatry Legends Podcast | Vom 2022-06-23

Emily Smith owns three sports podiatry businesses in Sydney, Australia. In this episode, she explains her passion for sports podiatry, why she bought into these businesses and how hard work grew them over three years.  Emily played hockey at quite a high level. While playing, she suffered from ongoing shin splints, which were alleviated with prescription orthotics, which sparked her interest in podiatry.   Topics we discussed: TEAM CULTURE: Never employ out of desperation; it's a sure-fire way to failure. Your team must fit your culture. When Emily interviews a potential new team member, only one out of ten questions is clinical; the rest are used to determine if they will be a good fit.  You can always get them back to assess their clinical skills. What it is like to be part of a larger sports team. Building your reputation takes time.  Intrinsic Fulfilment The benefits of simplifying the examination process.  COMMUNICATION: It is essential to be able to communicate your findings with your patients.  The more they understand, the better they will follow your instructions.  Fancy gadgets and diagrams can often confuse your patients. Keep your explanations simple.  The importance of experimentation and unravelling what you find.  NICHING: Niche down on what you are good at and interested in, and then refer the rest to others.  Focus on your core skills, improve upon them and maintain your message.  You will lose your message if you dilute your skillset.   Final Tip: Be willing to experiment. What we got taught doesn't apply clinically 100% of the time, and trying to put someone in a box is never a good plan; you need to be more flexible.  You can connect with Emily at [email protected], and you can find her business locations at sportspodiatrists.com.au.  Business Coaching & Mentoring Have you decided to grow your podiatry business in 2022? If you have, let's talk. You can email me at [email protected]; otherwise, look at my Mentoring page or go to my online calendar and schedule a FREE 30-minute Zoom meeting with me.  ONLINE CALENDAR Youtube I upload all my educational and podcast videos to my Youtube channel, Tyson E Franklin - Podiatry Advisor & Mentor. Please SUBSCRIBE, and if you click on the bell icon, you'll be informed whenever a new video is uploaded.  If you want to connect with like-minded, positive podiatrists, consider joining the Podiatry Business Owners Club on Facebook. 

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