205 - Mentoring Before Money with Blake Withers

Blake Withers works at Achieve Podiatry, located within a speciality sports medicine clinic in Newcastle, NSW. Most of his patients are musculoskeletal, which feeds into his particular interest in runners and paediatrics.  He also works at Newcastle University as a lecturer in Podiatric Biomechanics and as a clinical educator.  Blake was also on Episode 116: How First-Year Graduates Think In 2020.  In this episode, we discuss: Why mentoring should come before money if podiatry is your career and not just a job.  Your new employer may not be in a position to pay you more. You need to understand how numbers work within a podiatry business.  Owning up to your mistakes when they happen.  You are never going to be a weapon immediately after leaving university.  Experience teaches you how to communicate and ask good questions to your patients.  The Five Chimps Theory.  Why you should make an effort to work with more experienced podiatrists in the areas of podiatry you want to know more about or get better at.  Feedback from your employer improves and sharpens your skills.  When two podiatrists talk about a concept with open dialogue and an open mind to new information, they both benefit.  You can connect with Blake via his Instagram page @TheSportsPodiatryProject, and this is also the name of his podcast.  You can also find me on Instagram @tysonfranklin66.  Podiatry Advising & Mentoring Have you decided to grow your podiatry business this year? We should talk and see if I can be of some assistance if you have. Please call me on 0408671966 or email me at [email protected]; otherwise, look at my Mentoring page.  Youtube I add my podcast episodes and other educational videos to my Youtube channel, Tyson E Franklin - Podiatry Advisor & Mentor. Please SUBSCRIBE, and if you click on the bell icon, you'll be informed whenever a new video is uploaded.  If you want to connect with like-minded, positive podiatrists, consider joining the Podiatry Business Owners Club on Facebook. 

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