202 - A Podiatry History Lesson with Dr Timothy Shea

Dr Timothy Shea has been practising podiatry for 50-years. At 76-years of age, he is as passionate today about podiatry as he was when he was a student at the California College of Podiatric Medicine, learning from the early legends of our profession, Drs Merton L. Root, William P. Orien and John H. Weed. In this episode, we discuss: Joint manipulation is not new; it's been around since the late '70s.  The Golden Years of biomechanics and learning from the best.  The birthplace of orthotics and the first laboratory in the US.  What is a functional orthotic?  Maintaining your passion for podiatry long-term. "Understanding biomechanics comes from a combination of mastering the basics, plus experience".  New Theories All the new theories in biomechanics are derived from the old theories. They've taken the basics of biomechanics and converted them to specific areas—for example, the biomechanics of sports medicine.  Final Tips Students: Take every opportunity to visit as many podiatry businesses as you can because you may never get the chance once you graduate.  First 10-years: Learn all the basics of podiatry really, really well. Build a strong foundation.  Next 10-years: Niche into areas you're really good at and become the best. You'll probably develop four niches over your career.  "You must be a doctor at all times, not just at work because that's what everyone else expects. It's about protecting your reputation." Podiatry Advising & Mentoring Have you decided to grow your podiatry business this year? We should talk and see if I can be of some assistance if you have. Please call me on 0408671966 or email me at [email protected]; otherwise, look at my Mentoring page.  Youtube I add my podcast episodes and other educational videos to my Youtube channel, Tyson E Franklin - Podiatry Advisor & Mentor. Please SUBSCRIBE, and if you click on the bell icon, you'll be informed whenever a new video is uploaded.  If you want to connect with like-minded, positive podiatrists, consider joining the Podiatry Business Owners Club on Facebook. 

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