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🎙️ Podcast 134: How Can Ofsted Reinvent Itself?

von Podcasts Archives - TeacherToolkit | Vom 2022-06-11

What would an alternate for Ofsted be? Our 134th interview is with Geoff Barton, the general secretary for the Association of School and College Leaders. Geoff is a fomer English teacher and school head teacher ... In this podcast, listen to Geoff and Libby, Teacher Toolkit podcaster discuss: * The advice Geoff would give his 16-year-old self. * The current curriculum and how we can reform the current GCSE curriculum. * The ideal key stage 3 curriculum and assessment provision * How to support teachers in managing their workload. * Is there an alternative to Ofsted and what could this look like? * Plus, Geoff's advice for early career teachers ... Listen to the podcast (40 minutes) https://www.teachertoolkit.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Podcast-139.-Geoff-Barton.mp3 * If you are a school leader in the UK, you can join ASCL. * If you know Geoff well, you may be on his Christmas mixed-tape list!

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