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Portrait of a SURVEY on Fire

von Sapphic Culture Club | Vom 2021-09-17

Who makes up Portrait Nation? Where do we live? Why did this movie resonate with us and in what ways? How has it affected our lives? Baby Djojonegoro, Heather Petrocelli, and Amie Pascal have put together what they hope will be a far-reaching survey of the Portrait community in order to let the entertainment industry, other institutions and decision-makers, and the rest of the world know we exist and that we have voices and opinions that matter. Listen in on our conversation with Baby and Heather, and then please join us in filling out the survey, and help spread the word to others! Episode transcript: Take (and share!) the survey: Follow @portraitofasurveyonfire for updates and more: Baby's media recommendations 144: ESPN's documentary about the WNBA's 2020 season in the COVID bubble - Hench by Natalie Zina Walschots - --- Send in a voice message:

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An exploration of lesbian themes in movies, TV, books, music, and more. (Formerly Podcast of a Lady on Fire.)