Ep. 046 | Understanding & Reading Research | James Malone

Research and evidence based practise are the cornerstone of the modern clinician - ensuring that we use the best, up to date methods to support our clients and patients. With that said however, there's so much out there, how can you be sure what you're reading is worthwhile, is relevant or of any half decent quality. We have to understand the limitations of the research we're reading to understand the implications and potential application of that research too. It's unfortunate, but when working with people - whatever your discipline - there's no one size fits all approach and there's always nuance. With that said, myself and James spoke about why we need to dig further than *just* the abstract before we make up our minds on a research paper, to fully gage whether it is of clinical or statistical significance! We discuss what are some of the things you should look out for when reading and discerning research as well as some of the wider elements of research to better understand that world.

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