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Overcoming Adversity: Chris Hemming OYNB | 108

von OYNB Podcast | Vom 2020-11-30

Sometimes, in the wake of a tragedy or difficult life event, people find themselves turning to alcohol to numb the pain. But today’s guest is proof that it’s possible to overcome tragedy and difficult life circumstances and to give up alcohol. It takes work and commitment, but it can be done. Chris Hemming is a man with a dramatic life story. In today’s episode, he frankly discusses how his little brother began experimenting with alcohol, and how that experimentation culminated in a fatal car crash on Halloween. Chris says that you might assume that after such a tragic event, he wouldn’t allow alcohol to be a problem in his own life. But of course, things don’t always work out the way that you might assume they would. “It's not easy. If somebody says it is, they're not telling you the truth. I think the answer is, is this is a daily battle.” Chris goes on to explain how, as an adult, he ended up getting pulled over, arrested, and charged with a DUI. And further, he relates how, while he was waiting for sentencing on his DUI case, he was diagnosed with a potentially fatal brain tumor. His sentencing had to be postponed so that he could undergo brain surgery and recover from that.  Fortunately, Chris did survive the tumor and brain surgery, and he learned some things from the whole experience. In today’s interview, Chris talks about the power of forgiveness – both forgiveness from other people and forgiving yourself. He also discusses his own relatively new alcohol-free journey. At the time of this recording, Chris has been alcohol-free for four months.  Chris talks about some of the things that he’s learned since his brain surgery, including how to cope with changes in his memory. He discusses his business, how it’s changed during this time due to COVID, and what he has coming up on the horizon. Finally, he shares his own advice for people who are beginning their alcohol-free journey. Listen in to today’s episode to learn more about Chris and his story.  LINKS & RESOURCES  OYNB LINKS OYNB MasterMind Program: OYNB Website:  OYNB Facebook Page:  OYNB Facebook Group:  OYNB Twitter:  OYNB Instagram: 

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